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Sky Hogg

Sky Hogg aircraft


Sky Hogg is one of the aircraft that you can use within the 3D simulation environment. This environment is rendered using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games®. For detailed views of the Sky Hogg, see Views.

To add this type of vehicle to the 3D simulation environment:

  1. Add a Simulation 3D Aircraft block to your Simulink® model.

  2. In the Block Parameters dialog box, in the Aircraft Parameters tab, set the Type parameter to Sky Hogg.

  3. On the Initial Values tab, set the Initial translation (in meters) and Initial rotation (in radians) parameters to an array size that matches the Sky Hogg aircraft, for example, zeros(11,3).


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Top-down view of Sky Hogg aircraft.

Side view of Sky Hogg aircraft.

Front view of Sky Hogg aircraft.

Back view of Sky Hogg aircraft.

Lights and Skeleton


LightBoneLocation in SK_SkyHogg Mesh
LandingSkyHogg_Landing_LightNose cowling
Red navigationSkyHogg_RedNavigationLightLeft wingtip
Green navigationSkyHogg_GreenNavigationLightRight wingtip
Tail strobeSkyHogg_NavigationLightTop of vertical stabilizer, pointing aft
BeaconSkyHogg_AntiCollisionBeaconTop of vertical stabilizer


  • SkyHogg

    • SkyHogg_LandingLight_Glass

    • SkyHogg_Wheel_R

    • SkyHogg_Component_Vertical

    • SkyHogg_Component_L

    • SkyHogg_Glass

    • SkyHogg_Body

    • SkyHogg_Wing_R

    • SkyHogg_Component_R

    • SkyHogg_NavigationLight

    • SkyHogg_Ailerons_R

    • SkyHogg_Flaps_R

    • SkyHogg_Flaps_L

    • SkyHogg_Ailerons_L

    • SkyHogg_Elevator_R

    • SkyHogg_Elevator_L

    • SkyHogg_Rudder

    • SkyHogg_PropellerSpinner

      • SkyHogg_Propeller

    • SkyHogg_Tire_R

    • SkyHogg_Tire_L

    • SkyHogg_NoseWheelStrut_R

    • SkyHogg_NoseWheelStrut_L

    • SkyHogg_NoseWheelStrut_F

      • SkyHogg_Wheel_Pants_F

      • SkyHogg_Tire_F

      • SkyHogg_Wheel_F

    • SkyHogg_LandingLight_Reflector

    • SkyHogg_RedNavigationLight

    • SkyHogg_GreenNavigationLight

    • SkyHogg_NavigationLight_Glass

    • SkyHogg_AntiCollisionBeacon

    • SkyHogg_Wheel_L

    • SkyHogg_Wheel_Pants_R

    • SkyHogg_Wing_L

    • SkyHogg_Landing_Light