Evaluate splines, plot, find minimum or zero-crossings, integrate or differentiate


fn2fmConvert to specified form
fnbrkName and part(s) of form
fnchgChange part(s) of form
fncmbArithmetic with function(s)
fnderDifferentiate function
fndirDirectional derivative of function
fnintIntegrate function
fnjmpJumps, i.e., f(x+)-f(x-)
fnminMinimum of function in given interval
fnpltPlot function
fnrfnRefine partition of form
fntlrTaylor coefficients
fnvalEvaluate spline function
fnxtrExtrapolate spline
fnzerosRoots of spline
frankeFranke's bivariate test function
sptermsExplain spline terms
titaniumTitanium test data


Postprocessing Splines

After constructing a spline, use postprocessing functions for tasks such as plotting, evaluating, or calculating derivatives, integrals and differences between splines.