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Scenario Variation

Generate scenario variations from seed scenario

Scenario variation is the process of generating multiple variants from a seed scenario that is either manually created or generated from recorded sensor data. You can vary scene parameters, actor parameters, and simulator parameters of a seed scenario and provide your constraints to generate new scenarios. Use these scenario variations for safety assessment of different automated driving applications such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane keep assist (LKA), and adaptive cruise control (ACC).

To generate scenario variations, download the Scenario Variant Generator for Automated Driving Toolbox™ support package from the Add-On Explorer. For more information on downloading add-ons, see Get and Manage Add-Ons.


getScenarioDescriptorExtract properties from input scenario to generate scenario variants (Since R2022b)
identifyActorOfInterestIdentify ego and target actors in seed scenario descriptor (Since R2023b)
getCollisionDataGet collision information of colliding actors (Since R2023a)
variationPropertiesStore actor and collision property variations (Since R2023a)
generateVariantsGenerate variant scenario descriptors from seed scenario descriptor using specified variations (Since R2023a)
getScenarioGet scenario object from scenario descriptor object (Since R2022b)