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Code Interface Definitions

Create data, function, and memory section code generation definitions for standardization and software architecture conformance

In a large organization, you can help multiple people generate code that conforms to a general software architecture. Create code generation definitions that those people can use to control the appearance of model data (signals, parameters, and states) and functions in the code.


Embedded Coder DictionaryCreate code definitions to control code generation for model data and functions


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coder.DictionaryConfigure Embedded Coder Dictionary
coder.dictionary.SectionConfigure Embedded Coder Dictionary section
coder.dictionary.EntryConfigure Embedded Coder Dictionary definition


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coder.dictionary.createCreate Embedded Coder Dictionary and coder.Dictionary object
coder.dictionary.openOpen Embedded Coder Dictionary object
coder.dictionary.copyCopy code generation definitions between models and data dictionaries
coder.dictionary.moveMigrate code generation definitions between models and data dictionaries
coder.dictionary.removeRemove Embedded Coder Dictionary from model or Simulink data dictionary
coder.dictionary.existDetermine whether Embedded Coder Dictionary exists in model or data dictionary


Create Code Interface Configuration Definitions

Distribute and Manage Code Interface Configurations in a System of Multiple Models