Search instruments for matching conditions


IndexMatch = instfind(InstSet,'FieldName',FieldList,'Data',DataList,'Index',IndexSet,'Type',TypeList)



Variable containing a collection of instruments. Instruments are classified by type; each type can have different data fields. The stored data field is a row vector or character vector for each instrument.


Number of fields, specified as a NFIELDS-by-1 cell array of character vectors listing the name of each data field to match with data values.


Number of values, specified as a NVALUES-by-M array or NFIELDS-by-1 cell array of acceptable data values for each field. Each row lists a data row value to search for in the corresponding FieldList. The number of columns is arbitrary, and matching ignores trailing NaNs or spaces.


(Optional) Number of instruments, specified as a NINST-by-1 vector restricting positions of instruments to check for matches. The default is all indices available in the instrument variable.


(Optional) Number of types, specified as a NTYPES-by-1 cell array of character vectors restricting instruments to match one of TypeList types. The default is all types in the instrument variable.

Argument value pairs can be entered in any order. The InstSet variable must be the first argument. 'FieldName' and 'Data' arguments must appear together or not at all.


IndexMatch = instfind(InstSet,'FieldName',FieldList,'Data',DataList,'Index',IndexSet,'Type',TypeList) returns indices of instruments matching Type, Field, or Index values.

IndexMatch is an NINST-by-1 vector of positions of instruments matching the input criteria. Instruments are returned in IndexMatch if all the Field, Index, and Type conditions are met. An instrument meets an individual Field condition if the stored FieldName data matches any of the rows listed in the DataList for that FieldName.


Retrieve the instrument set ExampleInst from the data file InstSetExamples.mat. ExampleInst contains three types of instruments: Option, Futures, and TBill.

load InstSetExamples; 
Index Type   Strike Price Opt  Contracts
1     Option  95    12.2  Call     0     
2     Option 100     9.2  Call     0     
3     Option 105     6.8  Call  1000    
Index Type    Delivery       F     Contracts
4     Futures 01-Jul-1999    104.4 -1000    
Index Type   Strike   Price Opt  Contracts
5     Option 105      7.4   Put  -1000     
6     Option  95      2.9   Put      0     

Index Type  Price Maturity       Contracts
7     TBill 99    01-Jul-1999    6      

Make a vector, Opt95, containing the indexes within ExampleInst of the options struck at 95.

Opt95 = instfind(ExampleInst, 'FieldName','Strike','Data','95') 
Opt95 =


Locate the futures and Treasury bill instruments within ExampleInst.

Types = instfind(ExampleInst,'Type',{'Futures';'TBill'})
Types =


Introduced before R2006a