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Thematic Maps

Convey attribute data on map; contour maps, stem maps, scatter maps


clabelmLabel map contour plot
clegendmAdd legend labels to map contour display
contourcbarColor bar for filled contour map display
contourcmapContour colormap and color bar
contourmProject 2-D contour plot of map data
contour3mProject 3-D contour plot of map data
contourfmProject filled 2-D contour plot of map data
lcolorbarColor bar with text labels
polcmap Create colormap appropriate to political regions
ind2rgb8Convert indexed image to uint8 RGB image
quivermProject 2-D quiver plot on axesm-based map
quiver3mProject 3-D quiver plot on axesm-based map
scattermProject scatter plot on axesm-based map
stem3mProject stem plot on axesm-based map


  • Thematic Maps

    Thematic maps portray attributes of locations and features. For example, a thematic map could show the population density by region, or election results by state.

  • Create Choropleth Map of Population Density

    This example shows how to create a choropleth map, in which the color of each state represents the population density of the state.