Create Course

Create courses hosted in MATLAB® Grader™

A course hosted in MATLAB Grader consists of assignments with problems for learners to solve. Learners taking the course see a customized version of MATLAB Grader, where they solve the assigned problems and receive immediate feedback.

To create a course, you: set up assignments, including visible and due dates; add problems to the course, either from scratch or by choosing existing problems; enroll learners in the course, track their progress, and view their submissions; add instructors that can assist you.


Set Up Courses and Assignments

Create a Course

Create a course within MATLAB Grader.

Select Products for Courses

Select the products your learners will need to solve the assignments for this course.

Create Assignments

Create assignments for your course.

Add Problems

Add a Problem

Author a new problem or copy an existing problem.

Organize Content

Copy a Course

Copy a course

Organize and Copy Assignments

Learn how to change the order of assignments in a course and copy assignments for reuse

Manage Problems

Learn how to change the order of problems in a course and copy problems for reuse

Course Resources

What Is a Course?

A quick introduction to MATLAB Grader

Prerequisites for Instructors

You need a MathWorks® Account to use MATLAB Grader.

Course, Assignment, and Problem States

Learn about the states for course components

Markup in MATLAB Grader

Learn markup that MATLAB Grader uses.

Need Extra Help?

If you are looking for some extra help, consider these options:

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