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Add Problem

Add coding problems and write assessments to test learner solutions

Create problems and assessments for use in MATLAB® Grader™ courses or in a Learning Management System (LMS).


assessVariableEqualPerform multiple checks for variable presence and equality
assessFunctionPresenceCheck for presence of specific functions or keywords in the submission
assessFunctionAbsenceCheck that certain functions or keywords are not present in the learner solution



Add a Problem

Author a new problem or copy an existing problem.

Create Script-Based Problems

Author a problem for learners to solve with a script-based solution.

Create Function-Based Problems

Author a problem for learners to solve using a function-based solution.


Testing Learner Solutions

How to write assessments that check for various common errors or conditions.

Write Assessments for Script-Based Learner Solutions

Write assessments for script-based solutions.

Write Assessments for Function-Based Learner Solutions

Write assessments using assessment functions for function-based submissions.