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Create a Course

  1. Sign in to MATLAB® Grader™.

    To navigate to your courses from any location in MATLAB Grader, click Courses & Content.

  2. Click ADD COURSE.

  3. Enter a descriptive title for the course. For example: Basic Mathematics with MATLAB

  4. Select the time zone for the course.

    Time zone entry field

  5. Enter the start and end dates for the course. These dates determine when learners can access the course while the course is active.

    Course start and end date entry fields

    After the end date has passed, the course moves to Past Courses, but learners can still access the course.

  6. From the Products list, select the MathWorks® products that you want to use for the course. When solving problems in a course, learners can use only the products you indicated.


    MATLAB is always included; you don't have to select it. For more information about selecting products for your course, see Select Products for Courses.

  7. Enter a description of the course. For example, you could use the description that appears in your course catalog.

  8. Click Save.

You can now add Assignments to this course.

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