Measurements and Testbenches

Analyze performance metrics of analog and mixed-signal systems

Analyze different foundation blocks and system-level models of mixed-signal systems using measurement blocks and testbenches. You can validate a block from the Mixed-Signal Blockset™ library, or you can validate your own customized blocks.

For PLL, use the measurement blocks to analyze performance metrics such as phase noise, reference and fractional spurs, aperture jitter, timing impairments, and lock time. Use block-specific testbenches to validate your customized blocks.

For ADC, use the measurement blocks to analyze key performance metrics such as aperture jitter, SNR, SINAD, noise floor, offset error, and gain error.

Use a system-level testbench to validate your PLL and ADC models.


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Lock Time MeasurementMeasure time a PLL takes to reach target frequency within given tolerance
Phase Noise MeasurementCompute phase noise at specific frequency offset vectors
PFD and Charge Pump TestbenchGeneric test environment for phase/frequency detectors and charge pumps
VCO TestbenchValidate voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) by measuring phase noise metrics or VCO characteristics
PLL TestbenchValidate PLL system by measuring operating frequency, lock time, and phase noise
ADC AC MeasurementMeasure AC performance metrics of ADC output
ADC DC MeasurementMeasure DC performance metrics of ADC output
Aperture Jitter MeasurementMeasure aperture jitter of periodic signals
ADC TestbenchMeasures DC and AC performance metrics of ADC output
Eye Diagram ScopeDisplay eye diagram of time-domain signal

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