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Mixed-Signal Blockset

Design, analyze, and simulate analog and mixed-signal systems

Mixed-Signal Blockset™ provides models of components and impairments, analysis tools, and test benches for designing and verifying mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs).

You can model PLLs, data converters, and other systems at different levels of abstraction. These models can be used to simulate mixed-signal components together with complex DSP algorithms and control logic. You can customize models to include impairments such as noise, nonlinearity, jitter, and quantization effects. Rapid system-level simulation using variable-step Simulink® solvers lets you debug the implementation and identify design flaws without simulating the IC at the transistor level.

With the Mixed-Signal Analyzer app you can analyze, identify trends in, and visualize mixed-signal data. The Cadence Virtuoso ADE MATLAB Integration option lets you import databases of circuit-level simulation results into MATLAB®. Alternatively, you can import a SPICE netlist and create or modify a linear, time-invariant circuit with parasitic elements extracted from the IC design. The blockset provides analysis functions for post-processing simulation results to verify specifications, fit characteristics, and report measurements.

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Learn the basics of Mixed-Signal Blockset

Phase-Locked Loops

Design and simulate analog phase-locked loop (PLL) systems

Data Converters

Simulate analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog data converters.

Measurements and Testbenches

Analyze performance metrics of analog and mixed-signal systems

Mix Analog and Digital Signals

Combine analog circuit behaviors with digital models to create more detailed representations of electronic systems

Mixed-Signal Blockset Models

Model examples for PLL, ADC, SerDes, and SMPS systems using Mixed-Signal Blockset Models add-on library