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RoadRunner Scenario

Create and play back scenarios for automated driving simulation

RoadRunner Scenario is an interactive editor that lets you design scenarios for simulating and testing automated driving systems. Place vehicles and paths, define logic, and parameterize scenarios. You can then simulate the scenario in the editor. Choose from built-in vehicle actors or design your own using MATLAB® and Simulink® or CARLA.

RoadRunner Scenario supports in-editor playback for visualizing scenarios and connecting to other simulators for cosimulation. Scenarios can be exported to ASAM OpenSCENARIO®. These exported scenarios can then be used in any OpenSCENARIO compliant simulators and players, including esmini.

The RoadRunner API lets you change the parameters of the scenario to create many variants for automated tests. You can use the API to automate workflows like placing scenarios in different scenes, simulating scenarios, and exporting.

Three common workflow steps: trajectory import; designing, simulating, and varying scenarios; and scenario export and cosimulation.

Get Started

Learn the basics of RoadRunner Scenario

Design and Simulate Scenarios

Add actors, specify paths, define scenario logic, simulate scenarios

Import Scenario Data

Import trajectories from ASAM OpenSCENARIO and import custom actor meshes

Export Scenarios

Export scenarios to ASAM OpenSCENARIO

Programmatic Scenario Interfaces

Generate scenario variations, import and export scenarios, and simulate scenarios using MATLAB functions or a gRPC® API

Simulate Actors with MATLAB and Simulink

Integrate, simulate, and visualize actors designed in MATLAB and Simulink within RoadRunner Scenario (requires Automated Driving Toolbox™)

Cosimulate Actors with CARLA

Integrate, simulate, and visualize actors designed in CARLA within RoadRunner Scenario