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Block Libraries

Blocks that represent equations and modeling components

Blocks are the main elements you use to build models in Simulink®. Use the Library Browser to browse and search the block libraries. When you find the block you want to use, add it to your model.


  • Continuous
    Continuous function blocks such as Derivative and Integrator
  • Dashboard
    Blocks that can control parameter values and display signal values during simulation
  • Customizable Blocks
    Blocks with customizable appearance that control parameter values and display signal values during simulation
  • Discontinuities
    Discontinuous function blocks such as Saturation
  • Discrete
    Discrete time blocks such as Unit Delay
  • Logic and Bit Operations
    Logic or bit operation blocks such as Logical Operator and Relational Operator
  • Lookup Tables
    Lookup table blocks such as Cosine and Sine
  • Math Operations
    Mathematical function blocks such as Gain, Product, and Sum
  • Matrix Operations
    Blocks for modeling matrix operations
  • Messages & Events
    Blocks for modeling message-based communication
  • Model Verification
    Blocks for self-verifying models, such as Check Input Resolution
  • Model-Wide Utilities
    Model-wide operation blocks such as Model Info and Block Support Table
  • Ports and Subsystems
    Blocks related to subsystems, such as Inport, Outport, Subsystem, and Model
  • Signal Attributes
    Blocks for modifying signal attributes such as Data Type Conversion
  • Signal Routing
    Route signal blocks such as Bus Creator and Switch
  • Sinks
    Log and visualize signal data and terminate signal lines
  • Sources
    Provide inputs for simulation using blocks that define and generate signals or load signal data
  • String
    String manipulation blocks
  • User-Defined Functions
    Custom function blocks such as MATLAB Function, MATLAB System, Simulink Function, and Initialize Function
  • Additional Math and Discrete
    Mathematical and discrete function blocks such as Decrement Stored Integer