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Test and Debug Simulations

Improve simulation accuracy, manage and diagnose simulation errors

Simulink® supports debugging with Simulation Stepper, which lets you step back and forth through your simulation. Use the Simulation Stepper to view data and inspect how and when the system changes states. For information, see How Simulation Stepper Helps With Model Analysis.

Simulink also includes the Simulink Debugger, which, like the Simulation Stepper, also enables you to start, stop, and step through a model simulation. For information on the differences between the two tools, see How Stepping Through a Simulation Works.


  • Simulation Stepper
    Run simulation step by step to identify problems, step forward or back to a particular instant in simulation time
  • Simulink Debugger
    Use Simulink debugger to trace problems in your model to specific blocks, parameters, or interconnections
  • Diagnostics
    View diagnostics for models, Configure and customize diagnostic checks, Understand diagnostic viewer layout