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Debug Simulations in the Simulink Editor

Debug and analyze simulations in the model canvas, set breakpoints, step through time steps and block execution

Using debugging tools available in the Simulink® Editor, you can:

  • Set breakpoints to pause a simulation at a point of interest.

  • View and manage breakpoints throughout your model.

  • Step through a simulation one time step at a time or one block at a time.

  • Add port value labels to signals to see how signal values change as you step through the simulation.

The model canvas shows breakpoints and port value labels in context within the block diagram so you can analyze, debug, and modify your model in one place.


Breakpoints ListView, configure, and manage breakpoints for debugging models (Since R2022a)
Simulation Stepping OptionsEnable stepping back and configure number of time steps to move when stepping through simulation
Simulation Pacing OptionsSlow simulation to a specified ratio of simulation time to wall clock time


Pause and Step in Simulation

View Information in the Block Diagram