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Create simulation object from experiment to compare measured and simulated data



sim_obj = createSimulator(experiment) creates a sdo.SimulationTest object to simulate a model using the parameters and inputs specified in an experiment. You compare the simulated and measured outputs. sim_obj specifies the model stop time as the end time of the longest running experiment output signal.


sim_obj = createSimulator(experiment,sim_obj0) updates the values of the Parameters, InitialStates, Input and LoggingInfo properties of the sdo.SimulationTest object, sim_obj0. It does so using the corresponding properties specified by experiment. sim_obj0.ModelName must be the same as experiment.ModelName. You use this syntax to avoid creating a simulation scenario object (sdo.SimulationTest object) repeatedly and, instead, modify an existing simulation scenario object.


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Specify an experiment.

experiment = sdo.Experiment('sdoRCCircuit');

Create a simulation scenario for the experiment.

sim_obj = createSimulator(experiment);

Specify an experiment and a model parameter value for the experiment.

p = sdo.getParameterFromModel('sdoRCCircuit','C1');
p.Value = 1e-6;
p.Free = false;
experiment = sdo.Experiment('sdoRCCircuit');
experiment.Parameters = p;

Create a simulation scenario for the experiment.

sim_obj = createSimulator(experiment);
ans = 1.0000e-06

Modify the model parameter value for the experiment.

experiment.Parameters.Value = 2e-6;

Update the simulation scenario.

sim_obj = createSimulator(experiment,sim_obj);
ans = 2.0000e-06

The value of the model parameter associated with sim_obj is updated.

Input Arguments

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Experiment, specified as an sdo.Experiment object.

Simulation scenario, specified as an sdo.SimulationTest object.

Typically, you use the createSimulator function of an experiment to create sim_obj0, which returns an appropriately configured simulation scenario. You can construct sim_obj0 using the syntax sim_obj0 = sdo.SimulationTest(modelname). However, if you do so, then sim_obj0.ModelName must be the same as experiment.ModelName.

Output Arguments

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Simulation scenario, returned as an sdo.SimulationTest object.

The properties of sim_obj are configured to simulate the model associated with experiment using the parameters, initial states and inputs defined by experiment.

When you use the syntax sim_obj = createSimulator(experiment,sim_obj0), sim_obj is the same object as sim_obj0. However, it contains the Parameters, InitialStates, and Input property values of experiment. The LoggingInfo property of sim_obj is extended to include any additional signals from experiment.OutputData.

Version History

Introduced in R2012b