What additional software is needed to use Quick-Control Oscilloscope or Quick-Control Function Generator features?

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I want to use Quick-Control Oscilloscope or Quick-Control Function Generator features in Instrument Control Toolbox. What additional software packages do I need to install on my computer?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 11 May 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 11 May 2021
Instrument Control Toolbox provides a Quick-Control interface to oscilloscopes and function generators. The Quick-Control interface provides an easy-to-use set of methods and properties that can be used to control your oscilloscope or function generator.
These features can be used with any oscilloscope or function generator class instrument that has an IVI-C instrument driver that implements the IviOscilloscope or IviFgen interface, respectively. In order to use IVI-C instrument drivers, you will need to install the following software:
1. A supported compiler (as of MATLAB R2014b, a separate C compiler installation is not required)
2. VISA software
3. IVI Compliance Package
4. IVI-C driver(s) for your instrument
1. Once installed, a supported compiler needs to be properly configured for use with MATLAB:
- 32-bit MATLAB installations ship with a supported compiler, but require the additional configuration step.
- 64-bit MATLAB installations require the installation of a supported compiler. Microsoft Windows SDK is available at no charge and can be installed according to the instructions at the following URL:
To configure an installed compiler for use with MATLAB, execute the following command at the MATLAB command prompt and follow the prompts:
>> mex -setup
2. A supported VISA software needs to be installed. Instrument Control Toolbox supports the following VISA software solutions. A supported VISA software can be downloaded at the accompanying URLs:
- Agilent IO Suite:
- National Instruments VISA:
- Tektronix TekVISA Connectivity Software:
3. The IVI compliance package needs to be installed. This can be downloaded from the following URL: 
4. The IVI-C instrument driver for your specific instrument. The IVI foundation maintains a registry of drivers sortable by instrument model and driver type. Look for the IVI-C driver for your instrument in the IVI Foundation registry at the following URL: http://www.ivifoundation.org/registered_drivers/
Once the software has been correctly configured, the instrhwinfo command can be used to verify that the installed IVI drivers are accessible in MATLAB:
iviInfo = instrhwinfo('ivi');
You may need to specify the driver property of the oscilloscope/fgen object with the installed ivi module, as shown below:
myScope = oscilloscope()
myScope.Driver = '<module>'; % This can be obtained from the output of 'instrhwinfo('ivi')' and Modules property

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Lan Le
Lan Le on 11 Jun 2015
I have download the required software, but it still give me the error: "No connection has been setup with instrument, type help oscilloscope for more information"



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