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What is the asset_info tag in my license file?

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I just received a new license file from the MathWorks that has a tag "asset_info=######" and I wanted to know what this tag is for. Is it required? Can I change it?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Jun 2019
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 12 Jun 2019
What is an asset_info tag:
Starting with R2008a, all network based licenses will come with the tag "asset_info=######" where ###### is your license number (ex: asset_info=123465). These tags are used as an optional identifier in the license file when utilizing an options file. They are not required and can be removed or changed to any value. For example you could change the asset_info tag to be "asset_info=my_license".
These tags are particularly useful when utilizing an options file with multiple licenses on one server. If for example you have 2 different licenses and you want to apply an option to just one of the licenses, you could specify so using the asset_info tag.
Using asset_info tags in an options file:
Let's take an example, where there are two MATLAB licenses, 123465 and 987654. We have features that are on both licenses, but we want to RESERVE keys from license 123456. To do this we would need to take the encryption code from the license and put it in the RESERVE statement.
RESERVE 5 MATLAB:key=<encryption code> GROUP power_users
(Ex: RESERVE 5 MATLAB:key=FD88D4758F5B54530753 GROUP power_users)
If the license file is updated, we will need to update the options file with the new encryption code.
If instead we use the asset_info tag:
RESERVE 5 MATLAB:asset_info=132456 GROUP power_users
The same asset_info tag will be in the updated license file. This means that updating the license file requires no change to the options file unless we wish to apply new options.
For more examples and uses of the asset_info tag, see the related solution: "How do I configure an options file with multiple licenses?"

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