XTICKLABEL and LATEX -- still not supported?

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Matlab2010 on 31 Oct 2013
Answered: Sean de Wolski on 1 Nov 2013
I know this was not supported in 2004 -- is it still not?
any work around?
x = 0: 1E-3: 4*pi;
y1= cos(x);
y2 = -sin(x);
plot(y1, 'linewidth',3, 'color','r');
hold all;
plot(y2, 'linewidth',3, 'color','g');
grid on;
ylabel('\bf Amplitude');
xlabel('\bf Time');
xlim([0 length(x)]);
xStr = {'0','\pi','2\pi', '3\pi', '4\pi'};
N = length(xStr)-1;
xT = floor(length(x) / N) .* [0:N];
%set(gca,'xticklabel',xStr), 'Interpreter', 'latex' ); %would like to run this

Accepted Answer

dpb on 1 Nov 2013
Nope, not yet...best you can do is to use text and write the labels manually at the desired locations. Whether somebody has packaged this as a File Exchange submission is probably worth checking for...

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