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GUIDE multiple images and variable handling

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My GUI runs a script which takes a single video frame and saves it as an image. I run several calculations on the image. My problem is displaying the resulting variables in static textboxes and displaying the fft image in a different axes than the captured image.
So how do I redirect or display Variables in the GUI static textboxes instead of the command window?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jun 2011
Best is to edit the code that outputs the variables to the command window.
If for some reason that is not possible, then evalc() that code, and then parse the resulting string to extract the values you want to put in to the GUI display.

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Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar on 29 Jun 2011
The variables can be displayed using sprintf (assign sprintf output to the static text's string property). For plotting the fft in a separate axes, you can use 'axes(h)' to make the axes with handle 'h' the current axes. Then you can plot the fft as you want. What is your problem exactly?
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Colm on 29 Jun 2011
The only problem i'm now having is display the my variable in textboxes on the gui itself. at the minute they r being displayed on the workspace.
Thanks again

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Harry MacDowel
Harry MacDowel on 29 Jun 2011
I am not really clear too about the question.
Anyway, displaying answers on the static textbox should look like this:-
set(handles.yourstatictext1,'String',num2str(yourvariable)); Keep in mind that all static and editable textbox display strings.
Colm on 29 Jun 2011
Segment of the script file ran when a button is pressed:
imshow (Image);
vals = impixel;
Pixels = vals;
displayed (Pixels);
The variable 'Pixels' is displayed on the command window and not in a GUI static textbox. How can I either redirect or display them in the GUI?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jun 2011
Edit the code to instead

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