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random permutation with repetition for > 2000 elements

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Claudia on 1 Dec 2013
Edited: Claudia on 1 Dec 2013
randperm is for permutations WITHOUT repetition. I would need it WITH repetition. I could calculate all permutations (I found some scripts), but I need it for vectors with more than 2000 elements. Any ideas?
Thanks so much

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Dec 2013
Try this
randomNumbers = randi(highestNumber, rows, columns);
plug in whatever values you want, for example:
randomNumbers = randi(9, 1, 2000); % 2000 numbers in the range 1-9.
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Claudia on 1 Dec 2013
Perfect! I have seen randi but must have been 'blind' as I did not realize that this is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks so much for your fast help! Cheers

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