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How to make dialog boxes come back after clicking "Don't show this message again" ?

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Anthony on 6 Dec 2013
Answered: Anthony on 8 Jul 2014
Hi everyone,
I am frequently using the command : "dbquit if error" which makes Matlab enter in debug mode when an error is encountered. Then, when I modify my script, I have this reflex to make Ctrl+S each time I modify something.
Until now, Matlab was displaying a warning "Do you really want to save ? If yes, Matlab will quit the debug mode" what allowed me for clicking "Cancel" if I didn't want to quit. The problem is that, lastly, I erroneously clicked on "Don't show this message again"... But I want these warnings to come back!
Does someone have an idea about that? It must be hidden somewhere in a .ini file or something but I can't find it...
PS : I am using Matlab R2013b.


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Accepted Answer

Anthony on 8 Jul 2014
I got it: with Matlab R2014a, Preferences>General>Confirmation Dialogs


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