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Can I Run Psychtoolbox On a Web Server?

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Toshi on 6 Dec 2013
Answered: Peter April on 21 Sep 2023
I have MATLAB files to run psychology experiment using psychtoolbox and was wondering if I can run them online (from a server). MATHWORKS website mentions about builder applications:
Can I use one of them to deploy experiments run on psychtoolbox?

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Peter April
Peter April on 21 Sep 2023
Hi Toshi,
Since 2022, VPixx Technologies has offered a product called Pack&Go, which does exactly what you are describing.
Researchers can upload MATLAB/Psychtoolbox experiments to the Pack&Go scientist portal, test and generate participation links to distribute for remote testing.
VPixx uses state-of-the-art servers to host research experiments, so as long as you participants have a stable internet connection you can stream your experiment to their browser and collect responses.
It's a great way to reach a wider participant pool, and collect a great deal of data quickly.
Hosting experiments is free. Pack&Go uses a credit system, so you only pay for data collection sessions. You can find out more here:

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