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Need help on error 'Attempt to execute SCRIPT ttInitKernel as a function: C:\...\tru​etime-2.0-​beta7\kern​el\matlab\​help\ttIni​tKernel.m'

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ADNAN on 8 Dec 2013
Commented: ADNAN on 8 Dec 2013
I am working on a model of SCADA system developed using 'TrueTime-2.0-beta7'. Since past couple of months the model was working perfectly fine. But suddenly it started giving me following error for each and every TrueTime Kernel block used in the mdl file:
Error occurred in 'ncs_ver2/TrueTime Kernel (Controller1)'. Error in init function 'controller1_init' Attempt to execute SCRIPT ttInitKernel as a function: I:\SOFTWARES\truetime-2.0-beta7\kernel\matlab\help\ttInitKernel.m
I have checked other models given in the examples of TrueTime and all those models which have used the TrueTime Kernel blocks are also giving me same error but other examples (one without use of Kernel block) are working fine.
Need some advice to resolve this issue.


ADNAN on 8 Dec 2013
The above issue has been resolved. TrueTime require some environment variables to be set and paths to be defined (details given in the TrueTime documentation). My lesson learnt is that if you do mess with the sequence defining the path you'll end up facing above problem. It was my own mistake that was caused due to overwork/negligence (i guess). So issue resolved.
PS: Thanks for Walter Roberson for correcting me on the use of word "Urgent". I have removed it from my question in the light of the advice. Point is noted for future.

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