I have a table of data in form of .txt file, I have imported using the textscan function,now it is taking whole row of data as a string, what if I want to access to each word individually,Please let me know with alternatives ,Thanks

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If this is the table for example, How to get the unique word out of the rows??? How do I compare bot and Output should be 1, because rank column data is different, 2 and 1,since 1 comes first in row, I should name it as key.

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Friedrich on 17 Jan 2014
Edited: Friedrich on 17 Jan 2014
you can use
fid = fopen('data.txt','r')
header = textscan(fid,'%s%s%s%s',1,'delimiter',' ')
data = textscan(fid,'%s%f%f%f','delimiter',' ')
to read in the data. Then the variable data reflects the table structure of your file. So data{1} gives the first column and data{1}(2) would give the second entry in the first column
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Aditya on 17 Jan 2014
Hello Friedrich, Can we compare each of these cells and obtain a unique field as a result, in case I have a pool of data rather having just a table of two columns as in above case. Pl let me know.!

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