How to I divide any given text file into columns,based on no. of characters.

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here in my case, text should be divided into columns with no. of characters 8 as shown below :
Please help me with the logic.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Jan 2014
For the only situation you gave, this code will do exactly what you asked.
s = '123456781234567812345678123456781234567812345678'
columnVector1 = s(1:8)
columnVector2 = s(9:16)
columnVector3 = s(17:24)
columnVector4 = s(25:32)
columnVector5 = s(33:40)
columnVector6 = s(41:48)
If you need something different, like a 2D array, a cell array, different lengths of input strings, etc. then you should say so - completely and explicitly specify all input and output conditions and requirements.


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