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Error using the FIT function

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Giuseppe Naselli
Giuseppe Naselli on 28 Jan 2014
Edited: Giuseppe Naselli on 28 Jan 2014
Hi All,
I have y data as function of x, or y = f(x).
I want to use the FIT function inside a script
My aim is to smooth y using the Smoothing Spline method and leave matlab to choose the smoothing parameter (similar to the "Default" option when doing the same action but using the Curve Fitting Toolbox)
The code I wrote so far is
y_fit = fit(x,y,'smoothingspline');
y_smooth = feval(y_fit,x);
However, I am getting the following error
Error in cfit/subsref (line 16)
out = iParenthesesReference( obj, currsubs );
The error is given at the first line of my code shown above. Do you spot the mistake?
Thanks in advance


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