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how can I copy multiple Matlab.fig files, each with multiple subplots, into a single plot

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I am trying to write a script to programmatically open multiple FIG files (each of which has a single plot consisting of 3 subplots) and then place then on a single plot, and then save that as a FIG file. I have followed an example posted in this site, modified with my file names. What happens is that only the last subplot from each FIG file is placed on the new figure (with handle h3). How do I get all the original subplots to appear on the new plot? I have attached the two FIG files.
h1 = openfig('ROC_whole_b1','reuse')
ax1 = gca;
h2 = openfig('ROC_whole_b2','reuse')
ax2 = gca;
h3 = figure;
s1 = subplot(1,2,1)
s2 = subplot(1,2,2)
fig1 = get(ax1,'children');
fig2 = get(ax2,'children');
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Feb 2014
Do the figures contain any uicontrol or uipanel? Do all the figures use the same colormap, or alternately are all objects in the figure colored by RGB ?
Jeff Eriksen
Jeff Eriksen on 4 Feb 2014
Walter, see my "answer" and "comment" to Amit. No ui-anything, and the color pallete is defined anew for each figure based on a parameter.

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Answers (2)

Amit on 1 Feb 2014
You need to get handle for all the subplots in each figure.
% First open a new figure
hh = figure;
% Open First File
h1 = openfig('ROC_whole_b1','reuse');
axesVal = findobj(gcf,'Type','axes');
handle = get(axesVal,'Children');
for j = 1:3
s = subplot(3,2,j); % You said 3 subplots in each figure and total 2 figures. Thus 6 section on the figure
You get the point now.
Jeff Eriksen
Jeff Eriksen on 7 Feb 2014
Yes, I could potentially modify plot_ROC_whole as you say, but I really want something I can use generally in the future with many kinds of figures in mat.fig files. For the present project, I not only need to make a row of ROC plots, but at the end of the row add another type of figure from another script, not the same aspect ratio, and finally a JPEG image in the last column (which I presumably would have to import and change to an image matrix in order to save as a mat.fig file).
It seems that Matlab graphics can handle what I need, if I just knew a bit more about its structures and functions. I think I should be able to pull out all the structures from a mat.fig file and reuse them, instead of writing some gargantuan plotting prograqm that glues together all the many programs used to greate the individual figures.
Can you pass my question on to someone else who might know how to guide me? Thanks, -Jeff
Amit on 7 Feb 2014
I am a graduate student and I use Matlab significantly. One thing I know is what can be a headache and how I can avoid it. Sometimes writing a script is better than re-engineer something as re-engineering requires more work than simply writing it.
In you case, you have 3 different axes and the person who wrote the plotting file wrote it nicely for a certain purpose. Now you're trying to take that plot and reengineer it to do it. If I was in your shoes, I'll simply study the original script and change it to do anything I want. (I did read the plotting script and it is a simpler fix to me to re-write it to serve my purpose).
As far as passing the question, you can probably repost your issue!

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Jeff Eriksen
Jeff Eriksen on 4 Feb 2014
Sorry, I thought I included them in the original post. I have attached two example figures, and the code that produces them (not my own code) apropo of Walter's questions.There are no ui-anything, and the color maps are potentially different for each figure based on the "gran" parameter.
Thanks, -Jeff


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