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set limits using xlim for strings

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Aditya on 2 Feb 2014
Commented: Image Analyst on 3 Feb 2014
Hi, I wanted to know how to set string limits for a graph. I wanted to set axis limits as months of a year ('Jan' 'Feb 'Mar'). Also wanted to know whether I can pass an array or pass variable with predefined values in the xlim function. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Amit on 2 Feb 2014
set(gca,'XTick',1:12,'XTickLabel',{'Jan','Feb','Mar','Apr' .... etc})
Aditya on 3 Feb 2014
Can we display variables instead of static strings? For eg. I want to display years like 2009,2010,... etc which should be dynamic
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Feb 2014
Sure. You can make up a cell array with any string variables you want in it.
index = 1;
for y = 2009 : 2020
ca{index} = y; % or num2str(y) or sprintf('Year=%d', y) or whatever...
index = index + 1;

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