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How to apply "smart indent" to a file programmatically

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I have wrote a function that writes other functions. I want to now apply smart indent to the file to improve the aesthetics of the created function by aligning if_ends,etc. How can I do this programmaticly instead of the usual 'right-click' and select method as if programming manaually.

Accepted Answer

Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 12 Jul 2011
Edited: Oleg Komarov on 7 Dec 2015
Suppose you have this fcn saved as foo:
function l = foo()
for l = 1:10
for l
l = 1:10
Then using editor API:
h = matlab.desktop.editor.openDocument('C:\Users\Oleg\Desktop\foo.m');

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 12 Jul 2011


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