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How to resolve ODE system in Matlab using numerical method Runge-Kuta?

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the ODE system is like that : y'(1)=y(2); Y'(2)=k1Y(3)+k2Y(2); Y'(3)=k3Y(4); Y'(4)=k4Y(2);

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Amit on 2 Feb 2014
Edited: Amit on 2 Feb 2014
First You'll have to make a function for your problem. This function take (time and Y) and will return dy
function dy = myfunc(t,y)
dy = zeros(size(y));
% Define k1 etc
k1 = 1;
k2 = 1;
k3 = 1;
k4 = 1;
dy(1) = y(2);
Now you can solve it using ode45 (RK45) solver like
Y0 = [0 1 1 1]; % Intial Value
[T,Y] = ode45(@myfunc,[0 12],Y0);
For moredetails on ode45 and other ode solvers:


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