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IF statement inside a push button

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ericson on 5 Feb 2014
Answered: Image Analyst on 6 Feb 2014
Hi! I have a gui which stores a numerical value in a variable from the edit text when I click the apply button (push button). I want to add an if statement stating that when the numerical value is the same as the current time, also stored in another variable, the background color of a push button will change.
There is no error in the code when I run it, but the if statement inside the push button is not working. Here is some of the code:
apply_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) mon1= get(handles.m1,'string'); %get from the edit text t=clock;
if mon1==t1

Accepted Answer

Amit on 5 Feb 2014
Assuming rest of the code is right
mon1= str2num(get(handles.m1,'string'));
The first thing I'll think is that you're getting a string in mon1 and comparing that to a integer would be false in all cases.
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ericson on 6 Feb 2014
but t1 is num2str, so why is it that mon1 is str2num? shouldn't it be the same ? i.e. t1 is num2str and min1 is num2str

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Feb 2014
Try this:
% Read user's input in the edit field.
% editString = get(handles.edit1, 'String');
% Give an example of what would be a match if they typed it in correctly.
editString = '05-Feb-2014 18:12:11' % For testing/debugging.
currentTimeString = datestr(now)
if strcmp(editString, currentTimeString)
uiwait(msgbox('They Match!!!!'));
fprintf('%s does not match %s\n', editString, currentTimeString);
You can modify the time strings if you don't want to check for matching seconds but only minutes or days or whatever.


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