how can i perform histogram equalization for logical image

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i have divided original image into 3 sub images(class is logical) and i want to perform histogram equalization on sub can i do it,pls anyone help me

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Feb 2014
That does not make any sense at all. A logical/binary image is already at maximum contrast and does not need histogram equalization. If you did it, it would simply return the same image. Even if you ran histeq() on a gray scale image, that's even useless most of the time, though some people like to do it unnecessarily because they don't know any better. adapthisteq() can be useful to flatten out uneven background illumination, though it doesn't make sense for a logical image.

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Nitin on 16 Feb 2014
There are lots of options for histogram equalization, for example you can read on histeq and adapthisteq

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