Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch error

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marvin on 15 Feb 2014
Commented: marvin on 16 Feb 2014
% 1. Simulation sample set up
numSample =8; %No of sample batch
sizeSample = 10000; % Sample size set up
warmup = 20000; %warmup size set up
collectSample = zeros(numSample+1,1); %Size of results matrix
%4 Start the simulation and collecting data
se_randomizeseeds('lukumar3autodata'); % Change random number sequence.
collectSample(:,1) = avg;
%5 Saving the results into excel file
% csvwrite([datestr(now, 30) '(Gamma_Gamma_)' num2str(Ca) num2str(Cs) num2str(uti) '.csv'], collectSample,0,0);
csvwrite([datestr(now, 30) 'Lukumar_T1' '.csv'], collectSample,0,0);
% For neatness, clear some nonimportant variables clear avg tout
I get the error in this line{ collectSample(:,1) = avg; }
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Nitin on 16 Feb 2014
Not sure if this help but I cannot see the avg in your code.
Have you initialized it?
If you have, does its dimensions match 'collectSample'?
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marvin on 16 Feb 2014
Thanks, I've solved the issue, I'm not sure why after I repeated it for a few times, it became fine.
What do you mean by initializing avg? I'm running Simulink-Simevents, the 'avg' is saved as an array part of a block.

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