What is an LAPACK loading error when using polyfit?

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I'm trying to run a simple polyfit command and I get the following error:
Error using gr;
LAPACK loading error;
dlopen cannot load any more object with static TLS;
I'm using R2013b on a RedHat 6 linux machine.
Anyone know what's going on?

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Praveen Palanisamy
Praveen Palanisamy on 12 Feb 2015
Hi Susan,
This is known to be a problem in some 64 bit Linux environments when Matlab does not load all necessary libraries at startup. In case you haven't solved the problem yet or for those facing the same issue, here is the solution that has been known to work: Create a startup.m script with the following content:
Place the script in the directory from where you launch matlab.This will force matlab to load the necessary library files and you should no longer face the problem.
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Bohao on 2 Feb 2023
I used this but it did not work. Do you know any reason?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 2 Feb 2023
There are two Bug Reports that look potentially relevant to this situation. One was fixed in release R2014b and the other in release R2016a so you may want to try upgrading to release R2016a or later.


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