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How do i change the axis limits of a plot without modifying the graph?..Please help

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Kartik on 25 Feb 2014
Commented: Kartik on 27 Feb 2014
At the start of a training program in MATLAB I normalized the inputs and targets and performed some operations on them.
Now i am successful in attaining the correct graph between input and output.
But now when i want the x-axis to display the original target value on the x-axis i use the xlim function to set the x-axis limits.. But now the graph changes according to the original target values.
I just want to change the values on x-axis without modifying the graph. Is it possible in some way.
graph obtained before(using normalized values):-
after i change x-axis values(as it is a training program ignore change in values on y-axis):-

Accepted Answer

Iain on 25 Feb 2014
2 ways:
1. Change the scaling of the graph
eg. axis([0 1 2 3]) - change the numbers as needed.
2. Change the labels on the graph
set(axis_handle,'XTick',[0 1],'XTickLabel',{'45' 'second'})
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Kartik on 27 Feb 2014
I got the answer.. I modified ur answer as follows for my version
Thanks a lot!!:-)

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