Can any body help me to creat .mat file in current folder ?

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When I call one function which is obtained by me, I want to create it in current folder. I am using 'save ' function but it has problem that, it is memorised not only my neural network function but also all of function variable . Is there any choose out of 'save' function to create .mat file ?
Jan on 9 Mar 2014
I do not understand the question. Please post the code line, which contains the save command, explain, what you find in the MAT file and what you want to store there instead.

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Accepted Answer

Nitin on 10 Mar 2014
I suppose you only want to save a specific variable instead of everything:
If you would like to save only variable, a:
a = rand(1,10)
If you would like to save all variables:
filename = 'save_all.mat';

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