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I am doing a project on Video Compression. My problem is that i have a folder named "Snaps" that contains all the frames of the video. I want to select a number of sequential files having a certain interval and save those files into another folder named "Newsnaps". Can anyone please help me with the source code on this matter??

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Marta Salas
Marta Salas on 10 Mar 2014
Edited: Marta Salas on 10 Mar 2014
If I understood correctly you want to read the files from the folder Snaps, subsample them and then save them on a new folder called NewSpnas.
video_dir = 'snaps/'
extension = 'jpg'
out_dir = 'Newsnaps/'
step = 2 % this parameter decide which frames to save
resnames=dir(fullfile(video_dirs,['*.' extension]));
for i=1:step:length(resnames)
imwrite(img, [out_dir resnames(i).name]);

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Nitin on 10 Mar 2014
This should get you started on selecting the sequential frames:
% The following will give the lengths of the consecutive sequences of your vector:
b=find([a inf]>1);
c=diff([0 b]); % length of the sequences
d=cumsum(c); % endpoints of the sequences
% Choose frames with highest number of consecutive frames
ind5 = max(c);
if length(ind5)> 1
ind5 = ind5(1);
% Proceed only if the number of consecutive frames is greater >
% length consecutive frames
if ind5>=length_cons_frames
ind6 = find(c==ind5);
end_point = d(ind6);


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