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Moving vector values into a table using accumarray

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Mary on 18 Mar 2014
Commented: Mary on 18 Mar 2014
Hello I have data from an experiment where each participant has one folder containing three files (baseline, trial 1, trial 2). Each file contains two vectors time and amplitude, (time is not linear)
I'm working on figuring out how to manipulate my data - but I keep getting stuck. (the lengths of the vectors are not consistent)
I need to figure out a way to get this information into a table like what is shown below:
PV Trial Type Time Amp
01 Baseline .015 .23
01 Baseline .201 .30
01 Baseline .450 5.67
01 Trial 1 .012 .34
02 Trial 2 .13 .45
Right now I have it parsing through each file, and using accumarray to place the information into vectors
PV(1).trial(0) = [.23,.3,...]
Below is a chunk of the code I have written (just the for loop for each file)
for f = 1: numberOfFiles
resFileName = fullfile(res_files,baseFileNames(f).name);
rawData = importdata(resFileName,' ');
timeData =,1);
ampData =,2);
PID = resFileName(3:5);
binnum = 1 + floor(timeData(:) / 42);
PV(k).trial = accumarray( binnum, ampData(:), [], @(V) {V});
binnum = 1 + floor( (timeData(:)-1) / 42);
any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Mar 2014
Heh. You've been getting code from my postings, I see ;-)
Mary on 18 Mar 2014
Yes I have! I dont really have much of a background with coding - so much of what I work on is figuring out what I want to do in english, and then googling how I accomplish it in code
Thank you for having so many answers online!

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