Multiple loop doesn´t work with right values

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Mariana on 18 Mar 2014
Commented: Mariana on 19 Mar 2014
Hello, I can´t figure out myself what is wrong with following nested loops:
index = 0;
for i = 1 : 2 : givenValue
index = index + 1;
j = i + 1;
for k = 1 : givenValue/2
if sth_x(k) > sth_y(k)
step(k) = sth_y(k) / sth_x(k);
for id = 1 : givenValue/2
values_x{index} = mat(i, 1) : mat(j, 1);
values_y{index} = mat (i, 2) : step(id) : mat(j, 2);
In words, what I need is to generate two cell arrays (values_x and values_y) with one row and several columns, which contains all points (pixels - it is image analysis) between points (pixels) mat(i,1) and mat (j,1) with growing i and j. values_x are allways increased with 1, but values_y are supposed to be increased with step counted before. Problem I have is that cell array values_y is generated with step from the last iteration only. I need values_y{1,1} to be counted with step 1 and values_y{1,2} to be counted with step 2. Therefore values_x{1,1} and values_y{1,1} will be the same length.
I´m new to matlab and I know this might be simple. But I really don´t know what is wrong. I tried to change order of "for" and "if", tried to replace "id" with "k" but still nothing works.
Thank you for your advices very much.

Answers (1)

Nitin on 18 Mar 2014
You might need to initialize your cells first before saving to it.
a = cell(1, num);
Mariana on 19 Mar 2014
Thanks for your try :) I copied code into my editor and tried to run it, but it didn´t make me understand how I could solve my problem :( Probably I can ´t explain my problem well via text online. But once again thank you

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