Arduino and Simulink / change PWM frequency

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Alik on 21 Mar 2014
Answered: Junyu chen on 4 Apr 2019
i have a very big big problem with my project. I use Arduino Due and Simulink. I need for the regulation a proportioning valve. For the control i need a PWM signal with 3000 Hz - 5000 Hz but the Simulink support package (PWM) has only 490 Hz and i can change only the duty-cycle.
What can I do?
I would welcome your response
sajid javid
sajid javid on 6 Feb 2018
Have anyone found the way to generate different frequency of PWM at arduino using MATLAB

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Answers (2)

Ahmet yüksel
Ahmet yüksel on 28 Nov 2016
hello I have the same problem, Can you please tell me if you succeded to solve it.... Thank you for all

Junyu chen
Junyu chen on 4 Apr 2019
Do your guys find any solution? I am facing the same question


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