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What the Scale Factor does in the Simulink Design Optimization when creating a Design Variables set?

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Giuseppe Naselli
Giuseppe Naselli on 31 Mar 2014
Closed: Giuseppe Naselli on 1 Apr 2014
Hi All,
I have a simulink model and I am setting up a Design Optimization in order to meet custom requirements (my cost function)
The first thing to do in setting such process is to create a Design Variables set
In the picture attached you can see the parameters I selected with the Minimum and Maximum value that I choose for each of the parameters.
The last column values,those in "Scale", have been provided by default when I open this window.
I tried to find some information in the documentation center regarding the meaning of this "Scale" factor but I could not find an exhaustive answer.
Could you please help me to understand what this parameter actually is used for and how this will effect the optimization?
Thanks in advance


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