How to send an event with a MATLAB function (in Stateflow)

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Hey there, ...especially a warm welcome to all the Stateflow cracks,
I have a problem when implementing a functionality in Stateflow on two different ways: first one is implementing the whole functionality in Stateflow (with transition conditions, ...), second one is implementing it with a MATLAB function in Stateflow. ... whatever... what matters is how i can leave the states. I want to leave the states with an event.
With the "stateflow-method" I did it with adding a conditioned transition:
But how can I send this event when implementing it with a MATLAB function? I tryed to use a flag:
du: [myReslut, stopFlag]=myMATLABfunction(...);
if stopFlag == 1
But is this the only way? Are there nicer/ceaner ways to solve this problem?
Thanks for your suggestions!

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Muthukumar Ganesan
Muthukumar Ganesan on 1 Aug 2022
This can be done with a self transition. Please refer to the attachment for a reference.


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