Extracting data from pdf files

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I have around 300 pdf files with 19 pages each. I want to extract from each of them a fraction of a table on page 4 in order to build a research data set. Is i possible to do so using matlab? if so,which toolboxes and functions I need. I have matlab 2013a.

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Kristian Gennaci
Kristian Gennaci on 21 Apr 2014
Hi Joseph,
Have you tried using this File Exchange submission?
This seems like the most promising solution. Alternatively, if you could convert the tables to an excel spreadsheet/CSV format, they can then easily be parsed using MATLAB's Excel/CSV functions:
I'll let you know if I find any other solutions.

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Christopher Creutzig
Christopher Creutzig on 27 Apr 2021
JFTR, since R2017b, extractFileText('filename.pdf','Pages',4) from Text Analytics Toolbox gives you the text on ("physical") page 4 of the PDF, from which you can then extract the parts you need with string operations (extractBetween, regexp, etc.).


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