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Isosurface with discrete data 4-dimension data? how to plot surface passing through a series of points?

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Giuseppe Naselli
Giuseppe Naselli on 24 Apr 2014
I have a series of data F as function of X,Y and Z.
F,X,Y and Z are all 1-column vectors
I wish to plot them in a 3D space and use color as "4th dimension", basically the color of the marker/line/surface should be linked to the data in F
I produced a scatter3 plot but this is very confusing to read.
The values F are (more or less) such that 2 < F < 3.
Ideally I wish to be able to plot a surface passing through all the point where 2 < F < 2.2 with a color (blue) then another surface passing through all the point where 2.2 < F < 2.4 and so on up to the surface passing trough through all the point where 2.8 < F < 3 with red color
Any idea on how I can I do that?
Thanks in advance for your help


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