Arduino Due with Simulink - External Mode

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Alik on 5 May 2014
Answered: Useok on 29 May 2014
i have a big problem with Arduino Due, Simulink and the External Mode and need help. The external mode runs good but very slow. 1 millisecond in simulink takes 1 second in real time. How can i fix this problem to run the external mode nearly real time on the screen (scope) and arduino?
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Thomas on 8 May 2014
Hello Alik,
did you already find a solution? I have exactly the same problem as yours.

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Answers (2)

Dnon Y.
Dnon Y. on 8 May 2014
Hi Alik, I hope you found the answer. my case is different because I am using Galileo and still having a problem to communicate between the board and the computer. Can you send me the way how you did that with Arduino because they are almost same. Thanks

Useok on 29 May 2014
Hi. I have same problem with Arduino due on Simulink External mode. It was fine with normal mode, but simulation speed slows down with external mode. I think the problem of the speed is beacuse of increased processing burden on external mode as this document said. When I checked task overruns on Arduino with external mode, it always overrun even on very simple code. You can check overrun like this.

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