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How to model factory workers needed to operate N Servers

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Paul on 17 May 2014
Good morning,
I am modelling a manufacturing environment that has 5 workstations (e.g. painting bay). Products may flow through each workstation several times and for varying times depending on product attributes. I have modelled this flow and it works well.
In practice each workstation needs a worker and there are only two factory workers and hence a workstation can't process a product unless a worker is free. When a person is at a workstation they are their for workstation_process_time and therefore can't operate other workstations. This does mean some workstations are dormant during production.
I therefore need to add people resources and logic around where the workers go next and prevent products from being processed in the N Servers unless there is a worker free.
I'm sure this is horribly simple and common but I can't for the life of me find an example. Does anyone know what functions might be used for this or can point me to an example.
Thanks in advance for any help.


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