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Display matrix in Simulink

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Maximum on 18 May 2014
Answered: Tamim Boubou on 26 Jun 2020
Hi guys,
I have design my system using Simulink. I want to display the matrix using Display block in Simulink. However, it could display only 200 elements of my matrix. Since, my matrix is 64x64, thus it has 4096 elements. What should I do to display all elements in my matrix?
Thanks in advance.

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Tamim Boubou
Tamim Boubou on 26 Jun 2020
If you really want to check all th 4096, I believe you can separate it into a bunch of "display" with "select" blocks in which u can select the groups of indexes that you want to show.
you would need around 21 select blocks with 21 display to display the entire matrix.

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