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Why can I not see Answers after receiving emails from The Mathworks

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Paul on 19 May 2014
Commented: John D'Errico on 2 Jun 2014
I posted a question four days ago;
"How to model factory workers needed to operate N Servers"
and received yesterday three emails that an answer had been posted. An example is
* Lucas answered your question “How to model factory workers needed to operate N Servers” at MATLAB Answers. You can see the answer at If this answers your question, please be sure to accept the answer! *
However when logged in I cannot see any of these responses nor see responses from some of the claimed answerers.
Could someone explain why I am receiving these emails yet cannot see an answer?


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Matt J
Matt J on 20 May 2014
Yeah, I don't know what's going on. It's like an alien invasion...
dpb on 20 May 2014
BTW, to Paul -- I didn't attempt to answer the ? 'cuz it didn't seem to have sufficient detail to be able to do anything more than "add the added logic where it needs to be"
Paul on 1 Jun 2014
Thanks dpb. It was a high level question about methodology / architecture that I'm sure has been tackled a million times. In the end I figured my people were entities, not server blocks which seems to work.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 May 2014
lucas and others had a spam fest over the weekend that kept me busy. I deleted them almost as soon as they popped up. Here's the weekend roll call from the spammers hall of shame:
numerous spams from
Very numerous spam by
tons and tons of spam posts by
22 spam from
2 spam from
1 spam from
2 spam from
At least 8 spam from
I've notified the Mathworks so hopefully their accounts have been disabled now.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 2 Jun 2014
Over a few days, I typically have a string about as long of accounts to send in for deletion. Sometimes I'm deleting spam questions and answers literally as fast as they are posted.
So it is no surprise that you were told about a response, yet there was nothing there, IF we are able to catch the spammers in time.

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