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Could you guys explain me how to get a value back in a case like this...?

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I Have a line in a program
P0=fzero(@(P0) estimateSurfacePressure(P0,false,extPar), [1 25]);
and inside estimateSurfacePressure I have
function [Ps,Rs]=estimateSurfacePressure(P0,isCompressed,extPar)
but inside this file I modify extPar... (extPar is a structure).
I thought that putting extPar in function [Ps,Rs,extPar] = ....Pressure(P0,isCompressed,extPar)
and modifying P0 to [P0,~,~,~,extPar] = fzero(.........) would give me extPar modified the way I want it to. But it doesn`t! How should I set this up so it gives me extPar not how it came in but how it should be after being modified in estimateSurfacePressure.m
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 19 Jun 2014
Make use of global variables or see assignin

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